Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics … … …

Our focus is on developing the child's personality instead of imparting information only.  At LTIS the children not only equip themselves with academic and co-curricular skills, but also make it a habit to spare a thought for the one's who are less priviledged than them : social and community service form a part of LTIS students nature.

Students & parent counseling form an integral part at LTIS, children are provided with counseling on various issues along with the support of their parents and teachers.  This helps the child to develop different approaches to a problem.

Picnics & field trips are conducted to widen the mental horizon of children & facilitate acquisition of real information.  Such experiences enable to establish the sense of proximity with nature & also reaize & appreciate the exotic natural environment.

Summer camps are organized to develop aesthetic sense amongst the students.  Well qualified professionals are recruited to cater the innate qualities & creative imagination of the children.