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Our pace of imparting education is set by the individual learner and not by the teacher.  The curriculum at the primary level facilitates the children to develop and employ thinking power in commensuration with her/his growing age.  The thinking process is promoted and stimulated by involving various elements of images, concepts, signs and symbols.

The school follows the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  Continuous comprehensive evaluation for std I-X is conducted.  Std I-V the students are evaluated three times in a year.  Along with the compulsory first language-English, second language-Hindi students are given a choice between Marathi and Sanskrit as the third language from class V.  Apart from the above languages French is a compulsory language from class 1st onwards.


We scrupulsously foloow an educational pattern of instruction of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  The child is continuously and comprehensively evaluated and assessed throughout the academic year so that necessary changes can be incorporated within him/her throughout his/her educational journey.

Standart VI onwards : There are two type of assessments as under

  1. Formative Assessment : There are four assessment in year.  Two in first term and two in second term.  In each formative assessment the teacher uses various tools and techniques to assess the child
  2. Summative Assessment : There are two summative assessments at the end of each term.  Term and evaluation is a written examination.  Here the students are evaluated on the entire course taught in the term.

At LTIS teaching is totally based on 'Psycho cognitive' pattern i.e. learning by doing.  The methodology comprises of instructions both formal and non formal teaching techniques, Role-play, hands on activities, labs, projectes are a regular feature of the lesson plan.  The teaching is supported by teaching aids and e-learning technology which are backed by suitable teaching software to make the lessons interesting and their impact long lasting.


English, Hindi, Social Studies, Mathematics, Sanskrit, Marathi, French, Science, Computer, Cultural Studies, Art & Craft, Value Education, G.K.


We abide to child centered learning environment instead of teacher centered.

Students are divided into four houses and each house takes care of major aspects such as school discipline, morning assembly, cleanliness and supervision for a week.  It provides an interactive and integrated platform for Intellectual, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual development.

Along with the academic programme of the shool, activities also have very important role to play in school life.  The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities, catering to all age groups such as dance, yoga, art & craft, vocal & instrumental music (Indian & Western) and host of literary activities.


Lot emphasis is give on the sports too.  Children are encuraged to participate in the different sports activities such as taekwondo, cricket, skating, basketball, volley ball, aerobics, yoga, riffle shooting under the guidance of expert coaches.  We have got in collaboration with 'LEAPSTART' as our outsourced partner for physical development programme.  It will be a lifetime investment in your child by us, which will yield rich dividends in terms of sound mind & sound body.