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Fress Outlook : Breakthrough Practices

Our belief is that the roots of all great minds are laid in their formative years, and if equipped with a culturally appropriate and stimulate environment it will foster the success and growth of every individual child. With a dedicated team of experts & teachers, we have devised the perfect curriculum that nourishes the root and expands the wings of our children.

We have the best in class curriculum designed in house using a combination of play way Montessori methods. We teach children life skills, playing with toys, listening to music, dancing to tunes and other activities that develop motor skills and are flexile learning experience through conductive methods and value education.

Our curriculum also aims at developing literacy, numeric, linguistic abilities, mathematical concepts, co-ordination of ear, eye, tongue, hand & muscles, reasoning & thinking, developing good habits, social & cultural values etc.

At Educare, it is not only intelligent quotient (IQ), but also emotional quotient (EQ) of your child will witness fast blossom at its fullest. Our programme introduces new themes and concepts every month. Under our careful guidance, the children explore new areas and acquire skills in different aspects of education. We emphasize on thematic learning.