Curriculum ……….

Fress Outlook : Breakthrough Practices

Our belief is that the roots of all great minds are laid in their formative years, and if equipped with a culturally appropriate and stimulate environment it will foster the success and growth of every individual child. With a dedicated team of experts & teachers, we have devised the perfect curriculum that nourishes the root and expands the wings of our children.

Beyond Academics ……….

Breaking New Grounds, Aiming New Horizons

At LTIS Educare we do not remain confined to prescribed syllabus alone.  Our canvas of education is a beautiful foundation of conventional and modern knowledge.  Through music, sports, arts and in/outbound activities the child will establish a beautiful confluence between academics and the outside world



An Abode of Learning

Our School boosts about its central location within the city limits with a lush green campus & state-of-the-art infrastructure.  Our classrooms are child centric and are spacious enough with a cozy learning atmosphere.  The classroom furniture is ergonomically designed with amusing colour in each class.

Parent Connect ……….

Admission Procedure ……….

Hoarding 30x15

Teaching Faculty & Staff

Teaching Faculty & Staff ……….

Angels of Happiness

Our teachers are an asset par excellence who are professionally well trained, tender at heart and posses uncanny ability to relate themselves to the age of the child. While winning the heart of children and parents our teachers act ceaselessly as angelic agent for positive development of the child.


Our Vision …….

Discovering the Gifts of Childhood

Every child is gifted with some type of intelligence. Your child is also endowed with one or more types of intelligence like natural (nature smart), musical (music smart), logical-mathematical (number smart), interpersonal (people smart), body-kinesthetic (body smart) linguistic (word smart), intra-personal (self smart) and spatial intelligence (picture smart).

LTIS Educare

LTIS Educare ……….

A Home away from Home

Lokmanya Tilak International School is one of the golden feathers in the cap of LTJSS. Under illustrious leadership and able guidance of Ms.Sheetal Chaturvedi LTIS Educare is proudly breaking the new grounds.

LTIS Educare  showers its elixir of love and motherly care upon the children of God.  The toddlers of Educare are like lovely oasis for us. We bestow our toddlers with the milk of human kindness and godly fondling.